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The active ingredient in virtually all sunless tanning formulas is DHA (dihydroxyacetone), a carbohydrate (monosaccharide sugar) compound approved by the FDA for use in externally applied sunless tanning solutions. DHA is usually derived from a vegetable source like beets or sugar cane. When DHA is applied to the skin, it causes a harmless chemical reaction with the existing amino acids in the skin to produce a tan, much like the sun does, but without UVA and UVB damage. The airbrush tanning solution is manually sprayed in a fine mist all over the body or desired areas. There are no tanning beds or spray booths. The process will take about 15 minutes including drying time.


Preparation is key to ensuring a beautiful, glowing spray tan. A blank canvas works best! Showering and exfoliating the day of your airbrush tan is vital in the application and development process.


Makeup, perfume, lotion or deodorant should not be applied before your sunless spray tan. These products may form a barrier between the sunless tanning solution and your skin.


Shaving or waxing should be done at least 6 hours in advance to prevent skin irritation or a patchy application. For optimal results, exfoliating with one of our exfoliating products will ensure an even spray tan and an even fade. 

Dark, loose-fitting clothes are best. We advise against jeans, leggings or anything that will cause friction on your skin.



The "Golden Rule" to your new, golden glow : Avoid getting wet while your tan develops! Wait a minimum of 4-6 hours after your spray to shower. Do not apply moisturizer, deodorant or foundation until after your first shower. Avoid physical exercise, heat or other situations where you might sweat or wet the skin before your first shower, to allow the tan to develop fully. That means no washing dishes or bathing the kids (you're welcome 😉). Over the next 12 hours, your tan will continue to develop before reaching its peak jaw-dropping look. Keep in mind that leaving the solution on for longer than 12 hours is not recommended, as it can cause streaking and unevenness as well. Longer is not always better.

First shower: Use lukewarm water and do a "rinse" only – no soaps, shower gels, shampoos, etc. It will probably look like your tan is running off your body and down the drain; don't be alarmed! What you see is merely a cosmetic bronzer; the DHA that actually tans your skin is still working its magic. Pat dry (don't rub!) with your towel. Note: That instant cosmetic bronzer that you see upon application is like makeup! It will build up/move around or smudge and may appear imperfect as your develop. It is important to wait until after the first initial rinse and full soap shower to see the real results!

Second shower: Around the 12-hour mark, you can opt to lather up. Use your hands to soap the body. Avoid loofas or washcloths, as they will exfoliate the skin. Pat dry.

After your shower: MOISTURIZE! Avoid any products that contain mineral oil (ie Dove, Oil of Olay).

Drink plenty of fluids: Did you know that your water intake hydrates your skin too? The more hydrated you are, the longer your tan will last.

Keep in mind that swimming pools and hot tubs will shorten life of your airbrush spray tan. Chlorine and hot water strip the product from your skin.

Apply a SPF sunscreen to your skin. Although you know look like a tan GOD/GODDESS, your skin can still burn!


Average time is 5-7 days. The length of the tan is determined by the skin type and also how you take care of it. Dry skin and rubbing on the skin will shorten the life of the tan. As you lose the skin layer, you will lose your tan. This comes from showering, shaving, using exfoliating products and wearing tight clothes, to name a few. The more abrasive you are to your skin, the sooner you will lose your tan.

Shades of Color


Not when visiting one of Bronze Envy's Master Certified airbrush artists! There is a huge misconception out there that spray tanning results in looking like an Oompa Loompa! Advances in technology and high quality product ingredients allow us to provide you with a flawless, natural result. As a very important first step, we prep all of our guests with a complimentary pH balancing toning solution that neutralizes the skin to achieve optimal results. The three biggest contributing factors of an “orange” result is low quality spray tan solution, oversaturation and your skin prep. Our spray tan solution is made of the highest quality, all natural, organic, vegan certified ingredients so you are safe with us. Our spray tanning specialists are all well trained and have perfected their technique to treat specific areas with special care. The protocol on how we administer our spray lends minimal risk for oversaturation.

Note: Things outside of our artist's control can have an affect on the pH of the skin. Certain medications or hormones around menstrual cycles for women, for example. Please feel free to voice any concerns with your airbrush technician prior to the start of your sunless tanning session.

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